@ The Willow Tree Restaurant
  • EVERYONE loves to laugh (not everyone plays golf or likes
    casino nights).
  • It’s EASY to get people involved.
  • People feel like they get VALUE out of their    donation.
  • It’s a GREAT NIGHT OUT of live entertainment.
  • HASSLE FREE management of event. We      coordinate
    everything from start to finish.  All you need to focus on is
    selling tickets.
  • MAKE EXTRA MONEY with live/silent auction, pre-show
    cocktails, raffles, sponsorship and more.  We can help you
    with this as well.
  • We can ADVERTISE TO GENERAL PUBLIC, if you want.
  • It’s a GREAT SUPPLEMENT to your existing fundraising
  • SHORT TIME LINE to produce show.
  • It is NOT forcing your friends, family and co-workers to buy
    your kid’s candy bars.
Ten Great Reasons to Have a
Comedy Show Fundraiser
  • WHAT YOU GET -   We give you exclusive use
    of our club, we book the comedians, we
    market the show to the general public and
    our database (if you want) and coordinate
    everything with you from start to finish.
  • TICKET SALES - You determine the price of
    what you want to sell your tickets for.  We
    recommend a range of $15 to $25.   We take
    $5 per ticket up to a maximum of $250.  After
    you hit that mark you get 100% of all ticket
  • RAFFLE - Sell as many tickets as you can
    before the show and do the raffle after the
    show.  You can have prizes or do a simple
    50/50 raffle where you split the pot with the
  • AUCTIONS - You can do a silent auction
    and/or a live auction to raise more $$$.
  • DONATIONS -  A lot of people who cannot
    come to the show will still buy tickets from
    you.  Because of this you can usually sell
    more tickets than seats.
How Your Organization
Makes Money!
How much can you make with a comedy show fundraiser?   
That will depend on how well you market your fundraiser to your
community, people on your e-mail list, and current donors.  Our
club holds 90 people and we recommend that you be
confident that you can sell at least 50 tickets to make your event
worthwhile.  Let’s take a look at some numbers:

Ticket Sales:
50 Tickets Sold at $20 = $1,000 - $250 = $750
75 Tickets Sold at $20 = $1500 - $250  = $1250
90 Tickets Sold at $20 = $1800 - $250 = $1550

Raffle Ticket Sale(assuming 70% conversion):
38 raffle tickets at $5 = $190 - split pot = $80
56 raffle tickets at $5 = $280 - split pot = $140
68 raffle tickets at $5 = $340 - split pot = $170

Auction Sales: This can vary and is not dependent on the
amount of people.  We have had some smaller shows make
more money on auctions then bigger show.  If you have a
decent, well organized auction you should estimate $5 to $10
per person.

Donations: This amount can also vary, but you will get people
who can’t come to the show, but will still purchase tickets to
support your organization.
How Your Organization
Makes Money!
For more information and/or to set up your fundraiser contact us at
(925)264-4413 or
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