@ The Willow Tree Restaurant
Frequently Asked Questions
Where do we actually see the show?  While we are inside
The Willow Tree Restaurant we are in a separate
showroom with a full bar.

How do I make reservations/buy tickets  for a show?  

Reservations can only be made with an advanced ticket
purchase.    You can purchase tickets online or by phone.  
If you purchase your tickets by phone the ticketing
service fee is waived.   Whether online or by phone, when
you purchase your tickets in advance you are given
priority seating based on the order they are purchased.     
Your seats are saved for you even if you are late.  
Advanced purchase tickets are never assigned seats in
the front row unless specifically asked for or if that’s all
that’s left.   We call this "incentive" to purchase early.

What time do I need to get there?  If you are  coming to
the show only you should arrive 30 to 15 minutes before
show time.  If you are going to have dinner at The Willow
Tree Restaurant you should arrive at least 90 minutes
before show time.  

Do you have a minimum age requirementT? - We don’t
have a strict minimum age requirement, but anyone
under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or
guardian.  We do suggest no younger then 16 unless it is
designated as a “Family Friendly” show.

Do your shows have a lot of profanity? - One problem with
comedy is that language content is very subjective.  
What we can tell you is that we try to book comedians
that are funny without having to say the “F” word in
every other sentence.  That doesn’t mean that it will
never be said or that there will not be adult subject
matter in our shows.  However, our ultimate goal is to
make you laugh with good, smart comedy that is not just
a bunch of foul language.
Can we eat and drink during the show?   A drink and
appetizer menu is available before and during the
show.   A full dinner menu is available as well,
however if this is what you want we recommend you
eat in the restaurant before the show.   It will be
much more comfortable as the tables are bigger (in
this case please arrive 90 minutes before showtime).

Do you have a two drink minimum? - We have a two
"item" minimum which can be any combination of
food and/or drink.  If you eat in the restaurant that
will count towards your minimum.

Can I get to your place via public transportation?  The
bus system will get your very close and we are a five
to ten minute walk from the West Dublin/Pleasanton
BART station (see map at the bottom of the left
column of this web page).

What is the parking situation? We have PLENTY of free

I've never been to your place before is there anything
else I need to know?  
Our goal is to make sure
EVERYONE has a great time.  In order to do this we
have a few rules that we ask our patrons to follow at
our shows:

  • Make sure your cell phones are turned off or on
    vibrate. No talking,  texting, tweeting etc...
    during the show.  If you absolutely must use your
    phone please go out to the lobby..
  • Keep your table talk to a bare minimum.  Due to
    the small intimate nature of our club it is very
    disturbing to the comedians on stage as well as
    others around you.
    Everyone has paid good money to see the
    show.  They did not pay to see someone yelling
    at the stage or someone being drunk and

Anyone not following these rules will be asked to