@ The Willow Tree Restaurant
Birthdays at Bunjo's
many different ways to help you celebrate your special day:
Option #1 - Pick one show during the month of your birthday
and you get in FREE (excludes special events).  You must
contact us ahead of time as we cannot guarantee this special if
you just show up at the door.

Option #2 - Private party for your birthday.  With as little as 40
people you can have your own private comedy show with the
same quality comedians that we have for our public shows.  
Since this is a private party the entire showroom is yours and the
festivities can be customized in anyway that you like.  There
could be speeches, toasts, singing and were to come out to one
of our regular shows.

Option #3 - The Birthday Roast.  This is the same as option #2
except that instead of a traditional comedy show it will be set up
as a roast.  You may Comedy Central.  A roast is not for the shy or
timid, but is great fun for those that are up for it.  We will provide
a "Roastmaster" who will Emcee the entire event and of course
roast you.  Your friends and relatives will also be asked to
participate and the Roastmaster will work with them in advance
and help them in anyway possible.  This option is a little bit more
than option #2 as there is customized material and work that
needs to be done.  However, it is still quite reasonable.  

Option #4 - Comedy to Go -  Of course we want you to
celebrate your birthday at Bunjo's, but if you're doing it
somewhere else we can still help with our "Comedy To Go"
program.  We work with over 100 comedians and can find just
the right one to go out and perform wherever you are.  Fees will
vary based on the comedian, day requested, traveling distance
and more.